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About Us,Zestech


Zestech Sciences is situated in Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi, Pakistan. Since its foundation in 2010, it has specialized in the production, development and commercialization of Nutraceutical products. Zestech is a direct associate of Maple Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) ltd.

With rapidly increasing incidence of diseases, the dependence on pharmaceuticals has widely been developed. However the risk factors for attaining side effects can never be disregarded.

Preventive care is the best way to reach and maintain optimum health. The regular use of wide range of preventive care products are in General health, Pediatric health, Dermatological care, Bone & Joint health, Arthritic pain, Osteoporosis, Cardiovascular health, Blood pressure, Cholesterol, Sleeping disorders, certain Cancers, Digestive health, Depression, Diabetes, Obesity, Cold and Cough , will help the user maintaining optimum health and preventing aliments.

We at Zestech Sciences help overcoming the gaps in health, with a durable approach towards a healthy lifestyle. The wide range of Nutraceuticals covering almost all health categories ensure you the best quality in terms of safety and welfare.

The company has always committed to maintain Quality Standards of its products and has ISO accreditation for Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015) and Food safety system (ISO 22000:2005).

Our core philosophy is to provide our customers unique products and to develop adequate confidence that our products will satisfy the requirement for quality. We aim to develop the most optimal products for problems related to health.

Zestech sciences has the technology, experience, services and capacity to help get your products to market easier and faster.
With our technologies, expertise and competent R&D team we can be a catalyst for your product’s success from Development to Commercialization.

Our mission is to offer competitive advantage to our customers in shape of research based innovative Nutraceutical products and food supplements of unmatched quality at competitive price that ensure “Wellness to resist illness.”

Being a quality conscious company Zestech has a contract with Maple Pharmaceuticals for Quality Assurance and Control, to assure product quality at every level. You can count on us to deliver the highest quality products to your exact specifications, and we stand behind each product we manufacture with complete satisfaction.

The in-house laboratory is equipped with sophisticated instrumentation and manned by highly qualified technicians. All materials, including ingredients, bottles, capsules, packaging and labels are inspected for quality prior to release from quarantine. Our dedication to quality ensures the best products as we conduct quality assurance audits at every stage of production.

“Ensuring Wellness before Illness”